The Metchosin Community Association (MCA) has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.  There are volunteers needed for both one-time a year events and regularly recurring tasks.

Our goal with volunteers is to avoid making you to feel that you are taking on a ‘job’ without pay! 

All we ask is that you make every effort to show up to do what you sign up for or, when possible, give us fair notice that you won’t be there.

Look through this page and email or phone our office to let us know what types of volunteering you are interested in.

Annual - Jan to March

Services Auction

Annual - May/June

Mighty Garage Sale

Occasional/Seasonal as required

Community House Maintenance


Office Coverage

Annual - Early September

Metchosin Day

Annual - Early December

Pearson College Winter Concert

Annual - November/December

Mince Pie Sale